The Book

coverThe drama of the old-fashioned sea tale meets the adrenaline rush of the most extreme of contemporary sports in this journey along the edges of risk and survival on the high seas.

Little Ship of Fools
16 rowers, 1 improbable boat, 7 tumultuous weeks at sea
By Charles Wilkins
Published by Greystone Books, Vancouver

It was to be an expedition like no other—a run across the Atlantic from Morocco to Barbados aboard an experimental rowboat. There would be no support vessel, no stored water, no sails or motor. The boat’s crew of sixteen included several veterans of U.S. college rowing, a pair of triathletes, and a woman who had rowed both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

When he begged his way aboard, Charles Wilkins, a scrawny 63-year-old intent on a last great adventure, had never swung an oar in earnest.

Accompanied by a devoted crew of misadventurers, Wilkins takes the reader along for seven weeks of rationed food, extreme sleep deprivation and life-threatening seas—as well as sharks, whales, and an ever-disintegrating boat. Little Ship of Fools is a rich, funny, and fascinating story about the importance of our connections to each other and to the planet, and the rewards of risk in our lives.

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